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Putting our teaching materials online

August 28, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we have won a grant from the Mozilla Foundation that will enable us to put some of our phage workshop teaching materials online! During this time when we are unable to deliver in-person workshops due to the coronavirus pandemic, this online resource should be especially valuable for those wishing to use phages to combat the antibiotic resistance crisis.


Dr. Janet Nale of the University of Leicester (UK) providing online bioinformatics instruction during our 1st Phage Workshop in Uganda in 2017

We were invited to apply for this grant with Phage Directory, an organization that curates a database of phages and phage experts around the world to enable rapid deployment of phage therapy wherever it is needed (Dr. Jessica Sacher and Jan Zheng of Phage Directory pictured).


For our new online teaching resource, Phage Directory has started to build the website where our workshop instructors will then deposit:

  • Lecture videos

  • Laboratory demonstration videos

  • Experimental protocols

  • Scientific papers on phage topics

  • Frequently asked questions


All of this material will be freely available to anyone in the world, and we are designing the website so that it will be more easily accessible to people in resource-limited countries where internet bandwidth is often reduced.

We plan to launch this new online resource in December — stay tuned!

Best wishes to all,
Tobi Nagel - President
Karen Erickson - Treasurer
James Lin - Secretary

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