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We are featured in international news

September 22, 2020

Our work to address the antibiotic resistance crisis in developing countries has recently been highlighted in newspaper articles in The Guardian (from the UK) and Le Courrier (from Switzerland — available in both French and English). We think you'll enjoy reading these and seeing how far we've been able to progress with your support.

Both articles also discuss a peer-reviewed manuscript that Phages for Global Health's President, Dr. Tobi Nagel, and European colleagues recently published on The Unique Role that WHO Could Play in Implementing Phage Therapy. The authors outline how the existing WHO medicines prequalification program might be utilized to oversee quality-controlled production of phage products, especially for developing countries.


Participants of the 2018 Phage Workshop in Kenya
displaying their successful phage isolation

With more scientists being trained in phage biology through our Phage Workshops in Africa and eventually in Asia, there will be a need for governments to make regulatory decisions about the phage products that are now being developed by our workshop participants. This manuscript on the WHO prequalification program is one of the first steps we’re taking to help initiate discussions on that topic and pave the way for clarification of regulatory processes for phage products. We'll share more about this in future newsletters!

Wishing good health for all,
James Lin - Secretary
Karen Erickson - Treasurer
Tobi Nagel - President

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